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Are you an artist?


  • Have you ever envied a friend, older sibling, or coworker who was an “Artist” while you couldn’t even draw stick figures?
  • Do you believe that you either have talent, or you don’t? You can’t learn to be an artist?
  • Did you draw a lot in class back in the day, but life got too busy and too serious and you never have time anymore?
  • Do you think you’re too old (or too young) to learn?
  • Did your art teacher tell you that you had talent, but you didn’t believe it? Or, did someone tell you that you did not have talent and you agreed?

In the Shiles Studio, we have students who felt the same way, once. Now they are having fun, getting support, and learning to paint!

Join our community of students of many ages and levels of experience.

All you need is the desire to learn.

View our class schedule and check out upcoming special events.