Q: Who can or should take classes?

A: Anyone with an interest in learning to see the world with a new perspective can paint. All it takes is interest and patience.

Q: How many students to a class?

A: There are no more than 7 students in a class so that each student receives the optimum attention. I believe in personal instruction for each person.

Q: What supplies do I need for class?

A: I will provide a list for what is needed. You may buy the supplies anywhere you want, but I do have the supplies on hand for a discounted price.

Q: How much are your classes?

A: Classes are $20.00 for a two hour session payable for a month in advance. When the four classes are used up, another $80.00 is due.

Q: What happens if I can’t make it to a class? Will I lose the money?

A: If you have to miss a class for any reason you will not lose your money as long as you notify me of your absence before the class would begin. In that case I extend your classes by however many classes you missed.

Q; Do you ever take your classes to paint from life outside of the studio?

A: Sometimes we plan and take excursions to paint from nature. It is difficult to find a mutually good time.

Q: What mediums do you teach?

A: I can and do teach most of the mediums watercolor, oils, pastels, drawing, pen and ink, watercolor batik.

Q: Can I start in any medium?

A: I prefer to start all my student in watercolor. It is my belief and the master who taught me that if you master watercolor you can do any medium. Besides watercolor is one of the less expensive mediums. If you aren’t sure you will continue it is a good way to start a painting career.

Q: How do I pick my subject matter for painting. Do you pick them for me?

A: For a few weeks you will be doing some exercises that will teach you the basic painting techniques. After the exercises you can paint any subject that you like. I will help you execute it.

Q: How do I find subjects for paintings?

A: You might like to look through all those vacation pictures for some subject matter. I particularly like the old sepia portraits of your ancestors in the wonderful clothes and hats. You will find many many things to paint. I don’t want my students to copy other paintings partially because of copyright problems but I also don’t want you learning that artists mistakes.

Q: What happens when there is bad weather?

A: My policy is that if the local schools are closed for inclement weather the Studio is closed. If the schools are closed for other reasons it doesn’t affect the studio’s hours. If the schools are delayed for inclement weather I don’t hold the morning class. Because the studio is on a cul-de-sac there are times the studio is closed pending snow removal. I will let everyone know when that is the case.