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A street artist in France is making the streets more colorful with origami.

Children play in front of Origami street art

Children play in front of origami street art

Here is a great reminder that art isn’t just for museums or gracing the walls of a home. Sometimes art is an expression of love on… a sandwich.
Sandwich eating crayons

Artist Simon Beck spends hours, walking miles through snow, to create art that might not last a single day. You could call him crazy, but you have to admit he’s got vision and drive like few others.

Giant snowflake in snow

Think you know color? See how your experience of color stacks up by taking this simple color test.

top10_color_vermilionThink you know color names? This article on Merriam-Webster goes beyond red, yellow and blue to bring you the origins for 10 unusual color names.

You might not be surprised to learn that many color names come from flower hues, but can you guess which color name came from the French word for flea? I still don’t know where we got the name for chartreuse.