After Covid 19


We are resuming classes at last. Rather than detailing the schedules here, I am sending each of you a list of time and participants. If you do not receive it or have questions please give me a shout out. I am keeping the classes extra small and have implemented measures to keep us safe. I am looking forward to seeing all of you starting this coming week of July 13th. I have been playing around with some new techniques and am really excited to share them. As you will see if you check out my gallery I have been putting the time to good use by painting and redoing the studio.


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  1. How do I find info about classes. Website doesn’t give details. Saw exhibit at Wimsey cove. Website doesn’t show where you are located except city

    1. I Teach classes in my studio which is located in my home. The cost for classes is $80.00 for 4 sessions. Classes can be postponed if I am contacted ahead of time. Right now I have opening only in my daytime sessions and only on Mondays 10 – noon and Wednesdays 10 to noon. Covid shots are required masks are not. Your word is all I need no documentation is needed. If you take a class I require that you finish several exercises so that I can decide where you are as far as skill. I would also like to see any work you have done in the past, If you decide to participate in the classes I would like to meet you on the day you pick and also so that you can meet the other students.I teach no more that 6 students in any one class. My Phone Number is 410 674 7721. and of course I am Gay Shiles.

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